My First Furniture Purchase

I was watching Rehab Addict the other day, and designer Nicole Curtis was talking about the very first piece of furniture she ever purchased on her own. I asked my mom what her first purchase was: her bedroom set when she moved in with my dad. In the 70’s a whole 6-piece bedroom set was around $800. Can you imagine?

I bought small decor pieces when I was growing up with Christmas money. A magazine rack from IKEA, a little side table with letters all over it from Kohls. But I still had never bought a piece of furniture with my own money that deemed worthy of “my first furniture purchase”… until today.

After being sick all night and day, I had to get out of the house. I went to Southport Antique Mall here in Indy to poke around and stumbled upon a queen-size headboard for $195. After talking to my dad, mom, aunt, and sister, I decided it was worth a try. I bargained with the dealer, and we settled at $160.


Graham & Green had the Antoinette Bed and a similar style bench that I imagined being in my future bedroom, not to mention it was called Antoinette which just further encouraged me to add it to my “to buy someday” wishlist (aka my pinterest).



I have an obsession with Marie Antoinette and french-inspired designs. I’ll pretend I am Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, and this is me in my future bed. I never imagined I’d score something similar for thousands less!


I post a lot of similar styles on my tumblr that have made me want a grand headboard. My latest obsession with gold, like a grand gold mirror, drew me in to this headboard purchase.



The next step is to change the color of that velvet (the bottom has brown stains, plus that blue is just too much for me. Can I say that after purchasing a gold leafed regal-as-hell headboard?) I’m going to use Sara Aaserud’s, blogger of Beautifully Contained, tutorials (tufting from scratch & re-tufting). Her step-by-step directions will make my process much easier.

I could make the frame and the fabric the same color, like these


I am most likely leaning towards a more authentic-gold frame color with a dark neutral fabric.


I think this picture best resembles what I want and what it may turn in to.


 I can’t believe I haggled and bargained all by myself! Next time I’m going to be more firm in a lower amount, but overall, I am happy with this purchase and cannot wait to incorporate it into a future master bedroom.

Share with me your first furniture purchase! Do you still own it? Have you ever re-tufted and can offer me some pointers?

Love always,



5 thoughts on “My First Furniture Purchase

  1. I love the headboard you bought! I like the idea of white on white or gold with dark fabric. I love repurposed pieces with a modern touch. I tried tufting before and it is challenging but the end product is amazing! My only advice would be to use upolstery buttons for the tufts and not the cheap ones at the craft stores because they do NOT hold up well over time. I tufted an ottoman but never a headboard before. For the price you pay, I think it is a great find!

  2. Grandma and Grandpa’s first furniture purchase was a 6-7 piece bedroom set for $70. It’s solid wood and the dresser will be the baby’s dresser and changing table. Pretty cool! I’m pretty impressed with your purchase and can’t wait to see the final result!

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