Interview Bags

I’m graduating in May, and you know what that means? Interview Bags! If you’re like me, you did not expect that coming. As I finish putting my design package together for interviews, I’m overwhelmed by the things I need! Portfolios and design packages are expensive, as well as a professional wardrobe. But apparently “interview bags” are a thing too? I have a few nice purses, but I can’t help looking at large totes and bags that will carry all my stuff while looking professional and “unique” enough to be eye-catching for a design job. You can’t be a designer if you don’t have good taste; that’s my motto.

ASOS has a bunch of holiday sales going on right now, and I’m obsessing over a few totes.


Pieces Eike Two-Tone // Wood Base Shopper // Johnny Loves Rosie // Boxy Beaut // Mini Tote // Front Pocket

I added that Pink Satchel because the name is adorable, even if it isn’t too large. Same with the Mini Tote- it was just too cute to resist. Pink bags are not impossible to style either! Here’s some inspiration


Enjoy the holidays, and invest in a statement bag!




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