I’m going headboard CRAZY

I have overlooked the value of a headboard ever since I wanted to redo my own room. I constantly was looking for ways to disguise a bed frame and toss the headboard. But lately I have noticed how effective a headboard can be at bringing a bedroom together as one sophisticated, put-together room.


I love the shape of this headboard and how regal it makes the bedroom look!


This geometrical tufted headboard from Urban Outfitters gives such a masculine effect to the bed. The dark rich wooden slab below would also help add masculinity to a bedroom.

ImageDIY headboards seem to be all the rage lately, and I’ve seen so many that come across as tacky. I think these do a pretty good job of looking unique but also fun and cohesive to the space.


an old fence painted halfway across


the oh so trendy pallet DIY


a huge metal “medallion” look turned into a headboard/art pieceImage

fabric upholstered on wood to add a whimsy, fun detail.

There are also many ways of reinventing the headboard!

ImageThis pink divider screen displays pictures and clothes while functioning as a sunblock to the sleeper!


I like how this headboard is wider than the bed, and encompasses the nightstand.


Inverted Shelving in the wall provides more storage space and visual appeal to an otherwise square, white room.


The detail on this metal headboard adds dimension with its shadows to the white of the walls and floors.


And finally, one of my favorite bedroom inspirations! The whole room is blue, from floor to wall to bedspread to headboard, yet it’s eclectic and gorgeous! I love the studding around the edge of the nontraditional semi-circular headboard.

Use these ideas to spruce up your space, and show me what DIY headboards you have come up with!


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