As promised..

I said months ago that I would do some renovations of furniture and my room, and I am FINALLY getting around to showing them off. DIY done!

I transformed this free desk


into this with some paint!



I cut butterflies out of paint chips (I first made a paper template then traced it over and over….) & from some inspiration from tumblr, I folded them in half and put them on my wall w sticky tack!

tumblr inspiration

close up of my wall


I’m actually in a butterfly obsession phase..I was even one for Halloween & painted my face.


I also painted a huge bulletin board my mom found at a thrift store. It hangs above my small bookshelf filled with books I have read/want to read. I love finding really old first publications of my favorite books, like this one in its original cover of The Catcher in The Rye.




I covered the board in inspiring prints and images & things I have collected, like IU Basketball Tickets, a ticket from the Ben Folds Five concert I went to in October, & even the Coldplay concert in Chicago over the summer!


Have any of you made/painted anything recently to inspire you? Share with me!



5 thoughts on “As promised..

  1. Thank you @RedCandy, @hoganchee! It was so easy! & @javeriyasayeedsiddiqui I was glad that it came out sophisticated too & not too childlike. I love the whimsical aesthetic without it being too unstructured.

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