HTLL: Products I’m Loving

In the past few years I’ve become more and more obsessed with beauty products. I think it started with my Birchbox subscription in college, which did introduce me to a lot of things I love as well as things I know I can do without. I’ve come to the point where I think I’ve tried enough products & brands and can give my current favorites. Your beauty regimen is just one part of living lovely, afterall! So..


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.47.00 PM

Palmer’s Face Oil

I actually grabbed this oil because it was the cheapest I saw in the aisle at the time and the front of the box hooked me -”fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, aging skin.” They say start with anti-aging when you’re young!! And that your neck starts showing your age first!! Ahhh!! I put it on my face and neck right before bed and dream that it’s “fixing” me. It smells natural & clean, with just a little bit of rosehip fragrance. I know people have problems with oils that don’t absorb and just sit on your face, but I love that. I just got a new face oil from a different brand I want to try, but I love how basic this one is.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.22.14 PM

Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer

I still couldn’t tell you what CC stands for, but I don’t really care. I don’t like heavy foundation; I’ll wear that when I’m going out or need maximum coverage, but every time I wear this moisturizer, I get comments on my skin. I use it up so quickly, but it’s not that expensive and it’s so light that I don’t mind layering it. It adds some shine and life to my face, which I believe can look pretty drab, especially in the morning. I like to think that I transform into Jennifer Aniston anytime I use Aveeno products.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.41.03 PM

Laura Mercier Face Polish

I’ll admit, I only used a small sample of this when I tried it. But I used it for 3 nights and it is the coolest texture and best smell. It’s pricey for my budget, but I usually ask for Laura Mercier products for my birthday or Christmas. I really do feel like my face felt “polished” and smooth. Kylie Jenner got a lifetime supply of Laura Mercier products from Laura’s team, that little b*tch. Seriously, she can afford it, give it to a peasant like me! Actually don’t, because I guarantee I would cry for 3 straight days out of shock and love. And I’d never leave the bathroom.



Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 5.39.17 PM

Diane Detangling Comb

If you don’t shop at Ulta for most of your makeup, you really should. Especially online. They carry drugstore brands as well as high-end lines, so it’s an easy one stop shop (except that they don’t carry Laura Mercier online.) They always have deals going on, like buy $75 and get a free 25 piece sampler (with HUGE samples.) My sister and I pooled together to spend $75, and this brush was just a cheap add-on because I wanted a wide tooth comb. It is awesome. Less breakage than my wet-dry brush, and glides through my hair easily. It markets itself as an oil infused comb, with vitamin E and Omega 3. Not sure if I believe that aspect, but I do believe it is a cheap and awesome detangler.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.51.38 PM

Rusk Being Wild Paste

Another Ulta find, this time in store in the clearance section for $3. I read a bunch of reviews before buying, because it scares me when stores discontinue items. But the reviews were all positive, for men and women! It’s thick, kind of like a guys Crew paste. But it is great for texture. I’ve been putting it in my hair before bed, and I do think it gives me more volume. Just be careful to use a small amount; because it’s so heavy, I think it could weigh down thin or volume-lacking hair. Once again, it smells really good, like classic shaving cream.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.55.15 PM

Pantene Pro-V BB Creme

I was looking for products to help with breakage, because I started noticing I was losing A LOT of hair. I started taking Biotin, which made my hair grow, but I love this stuff because I feel like it helped lock in moisture. Who doesn’t love a good beauty balm for your hair too?! You can apply this to damp or dry hair – I do both. I love putting it on my dry hair after I use heat on it, because it tames fly-aways and makes my hair look shiny. It’s cheap, yummy, and works!

Hope you guys like this! Let me know if you want to hear more about products I’m loving. I might do another one during the winter.🙂







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Tufted Headboard DIY

Hi all!

So I said a long time ago that I would take that gaudy headboard I purchased and reupholster it to something more simple… and I finally did! I was really hoping I could reveal it in my new bedroom in my new apartment, but alas, I am holding off on an apartment for a while. SO I am so excited to show you what I finally accomplished!

This was my first reupholstery job, and boy, did I take on a handful. I read so many blogs saying how easy tufting would be, but it proved to be a lot harder than I thought. I’ll supply step by step directions for anyone else willing to take on the task! But first, my inspiration:


Deciding on all white with a white border was not as easy as these pictures made it seem. I kept going back and forth between cream and white. I was afraid that matching any other white to my headboard fabric would be difficult (like matching the frame paint or even my bedding). But these looked so classy and chic I went with it anyway!


I will leave out the unnecessary parts of this tutorial, such as spray painting the frame & removing the existing fabric, simply because I believe most people who use this tutorial will not be working with an existing headboard. The directions are as follows.

Tools Needed:

Wood of Headboard (if you weren’t lucky like me and had a headboard already purchased, I’ve seen many blogs use pegboard and cut it to the shape and size they need, then reupholster the pegboard)

Fabric (I used white drapery lining, as it was inexpensive and had a sheen to it that seemed like it would be easier to maintain if I spilled something.)

Measuring Tape

2-3″ thick foam

batting (optional)

quilting needles

embroidery thread (or the thickest thread you can find)

buttons & button caps

spray adhesive


staple gun & staples

Step One: Cutting and Applying the Foam

Luckily, my foam was already cut to the shape I wanted. I did want to air it out (it smelled musty from the antique shop) and reapply it, because it was falling off in some parts. I took the foam off of the cardboard it was mounted to. I opted to redo the tuft placement and amount of tufts, because making 52 like the original had was a seriously overwhelming thought to me. First, I drew out on a piece of paper how many tufts I wanted it to have. The less, the easier. I used the drawing template to decide how much space I needed between each button and between each row. I did about 8″ between each button, and about 9″ between each row. Measure twice! Then mark where you want to cut the wholes on the foam with a sharpie. The larger the wholes, the more space the buttons have to sit in, and the easier it is to find the needle through the fabric and foam! My wholes were 1.5″ wide.

After I mapped the holes, I took a regular sharp kitchen knife and sawed around the x to make a circle. It was easier to cut through when I smashed the foam together to make it thin. I actually used the leftover “rods” of foam and put them in the old holes, so that there would be less gapping once the fabric was applied.


Step Two: Cutting the Wood Back of the Headboard

I realized after taking the headboard apart that the original only used cardboard to hold the foam to the wood frame. The cardboard was falling apart, and though I tried to use it again, the cardboard seemed to rip more and more. This was my FIRST fail with this headboard. So, we luckily had an old piece of bead board around that we cut down and applied the foam to. I used a handsaw to cut it to the size of the existing cardboard (making sure it was big enough to hold the foam and the frame).

To get the holes of the wood back to align with the foam holes, you first need to take your ALREADY CUT foam and place it on the wood where you want it to go. If you have a frame like I did, then applying the foam and leaving enough room on the wood to screw the frame into is very important. After you have placed the foam on the wood back, you should use your sharpie to draw an x on the wood inside of each of your precut tuft holes. These x’s mark where you will drill a large enough hole for your button thread to go through. After you have marked the x’s and drilled the holes, spray the entire piece of wood thoroughly with the spray adhesive. Then, quickly place your foam in the position you designated when you drew the holes. It is important to check and make sure you can see the drilled holes in the wood when you look in the foam tuft holes.

IMG_3753 IMG_3754

IMG_3756 IMG_3900

Step Three: Making the Buttons

This is both the easiest and the most painful step. I used this tutorial, but it is as easy as cutting about 2″ wide circles of the fabric you chose for the headboard and then placing the fabric inside of the “button contraption” (obviously I made up names for some of the tools needed, but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you go to the fabric store and pick up plain METAL buttons and backs, because the package should come with the plastic “button contraption.”) Gather the ends of the fabric circle in the contraption so there are no edges hanging out, then put the metal back on top of the fabric. Push really hard, and voila! You have a button in your fabric! Pop that baby out, and do 17 more.😦


Old buttons that were at first super easy to use, but when I had to switch to wood instead of the cardboard back, proved to be REALLY FREAKING DIFFICULT.

Step Four: Applying the Fabric

I use the word applying, because I learned from my SECOND FAIL that you should NOT staple your fabric before tufting. TUFT FIRST, STAPLE LAST. Getting the buttons to sink into your fabric is a lot easier because your fabric isn’t pulled so taught.

Lay the fabric on top of the foam, and begin in the middle. Get a long piece of thread and run it through the needle and the button hole, then knot it a couple times until you have a decent size mound of a knot. With your hand, find the hole in the foam, and then poke the thread through the fabric and push it into the hole until the head of your needle meets the hole of the wood back. Yes, this is how I did every button. No, I do not know of an easier way (and if there is, I’m debating whether or not you should even tell me because this took FOREVER to do.) Sometimes the hole in the wood was super easy to find, and I could just thread the button right through it. Other times, not so much.

Step Five: Keeping the Buttons in Place

Make sure that once you finally get the thread through to the backside of the headboard, you pull realllllly tight. The deeper the button, the more professional it looks. I realized after I had finished some tufts that I had not pulled tight enough. As you are pulling really tight, take your staple gun and put a staple over the thread into the wood. Then, change the direction of the thread, continuing to pull the thread tight, and staple again. Do this repeatedly until you are almost out of thread, then tie a big knot again at the end of the thread so that the knot will get caught on the staple before it decides to unravel. No, I am not crazy! I saw many many tufting DIYers do it this way. So far, none of my buttons have come out.

IMG_3908 IMG_3902

Step Six: Staple the Fabric

Once all the button tufts have been secured, set your headboard up on its feet. For this step, you may need two sets of hands! I started at the bottom, and pulled the fabric tight and then stapled into the wood on the back. Repeatedly. Then, I moved to the top and worked my way down both sides, having my extra set of hands hold the headboard steady and make sure the fabric was pulled tight with no creases while I stapled on the backside.

Step Seven (Optional): Drill in the Frame

If you don’t have a frame, then congrats! You’re done! If you do, then placed your headboard on top of two workman’s legs, and then place the frame in its place on top of the headboard. Use a drill and long screws to screw the frame into position. This was so easy!


Here is my final product. I am proud of it as my first upholstery job, but I did learn a lot and think I could do a lot neater job next time.  I photoshopped some bedding onto my headboard to see what it could look like once it had a mattress and box spring in front of it. Not too shabby, but a little shabby chic!




UPDATE: My bed in my apartment with my all white monogrammed bedding & blue accents

I’m still debating whether I want to repaint the frame gold or silver. How pretty does this look in silver? I want to get all white bedding with a light blue quilt or matelasse and some pretty pillows.


Have you made your own headboard? Done some tufting? Show me!



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Loving Lately: Brick Interiors

I love the look of brick buildings, and how it adds a lived-in and classic feeling before walking into a space. Lately, I am drawn to little bits of exposed brick in kitchens, and even expansive brick walls in living spaces!


Brick provides a good contrast to stark white stairs and tables.

behind stairsbehind stairs2

Bedrooms get warmth and sophistication with brick backdrops.


Living spaces take on a loft-look with brick walls. It replaces artwork on a crisp mantle.


Kitchens become interesting with textured red brick on one wall.


Dining rooms with white brick walls look clean and endearing.



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My First Furniture Purchase

I was watching Rehab Addict the other day, and designer Nicole Curtis was talking about the very first piece of furniture she ever purchased on her own. I asked my mom what her first purchase was: her bedroom set when she moved in with my dad. In the 70’s a whole 6-piece bedroom set was around $800. Can you imagine?

I bought small decor pieces when I was growing up with Christmas money. A magazine rack from IKEA, a little side table with letters all over it from Kohls. But I still had never bought a piece of furniture with my own money that deemed worthy of “my first furniture purchase”… until today.

After being sick all night and day, I had to get out of the house. I went to Southport Antique Mall here in Indy to poke around and stumbled upon a queen-size headboard for $195. After talking to my dad, mom, aunt, and sister, I decided it was worth a try. I bargained with the dealer, and we settled at $160.


Graham & Green had the Antoinette Bed and a similar style bench that I imagined being in my future bedroom, not to mention it was called Antoinette which just further encouraged me to add it to my “to buy someday” wishlist (aka my pinterest).



I have an obsession with Marie Antoinette and french-inspired designs. I’ll pretend I am Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, and this is me in my future bed. I never imagined I’d score something similar for thousands less!


I post a lot of similar styles on my tumblr that have made me want a grand headboard. My latest obsession with gold, like a grand gold mirror, drew me in to this headboard purchase.



The next step is to change the color of that velvet (the bottom has brown stains, plus that blue is just too much for me. Can I say that after purchasing a gold leafed regal-as-hell headboard?) I’m going to use Sara Aaserud’s, blogger of Beautifully Contained, tutorials (tufting from scratch & re-tufting). Her step-by-step directions will make my process much easier.

I could make the frame and the fabric the same color, like these


I am most likely leaning towards a more authentic-gold frame color with a dark neutral fabric.


I think this picture best resembles what I want and what it may turn in to.


 I can’t believe I haggled and bargained all by myself! Next time I’m going to be more firm in a lower amount, but overall, I am happy with this purchase and cannot wait to incorporate it into a future master bedroom.

Share with me your first furniture purchase! Do you still own it? Have you ever re-tufted and can offer me some pointers?

Love always,


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Interview Bags

I’m graduating in May, and you know what that means? Interview Bags! If you’re like me, you did not expect that coming. As I finish putting my design package together for interviews, I’m overwhelmed by the things I need! Portfolios and design packages are expensive, as well as a professional wardrobe. But apparently “interview bags” are a thing too? I have a few nice purses, but I can’t help looking at large totes and bags that will carry all my stuff while looking professional and “unique” enough to be eye-catching for a design job. You can’t be a designer if you don’t have good taste; that’s my motto.

ASOS has a bunch of holiday sales going on right now, and I’m obsessing over a few totes.


Pieces Eike Two-Tone // Wood Base Shopper // Johnny Loves Rosie // Boxy Beaut // Mini Tote // Front Pocket

I added that Pink Satchel because the name is adorable, even if it isn’t too large. Same with the Mini Tote- it was just too cute to resist. Pink bags are not impossible to style either! Here’s some inspiration


Enjoy the holidays, and invest in a statement bag!



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Summertime Blues

My roommate told me whenever I see anything colored cobalt blue, I want it. Cobalt blue was big as a jewel tone last fall, so close to sapphire. Yet, I’m still loving it! I put together some of my favorite blue finds of this season! I’ve added links underneath so you can find the items in some of my favorite stores.


1. Flats – Steve Madden Vegass $52 @ 6pm

2. Skirt – Pleated Voile Maxi $15 @ Newlook

3. Top – Mesh Crop Tank $20 @ Topshop

4. Pants – Mossimo Ankle Pants $9 @ Target (ON CLEARANCE!)

5. Shorts – Zip Front Shorts $30 @ Janenorman

6. Bralette – Sparkle & Fade Lace $20 @ Urban Outfitters (SOLD OUT but similar here and here)


1. Bag – Deena & Ozzy $69 @ FashandFurn 

(I got mine on sale at Urban Outfitters for $40 and it is one of the most durable bags I own!)

2. Necklace – Bejeweled Art Deco $9 @ Forever21

3. Scarf – Merona Polka Dot Scarf $14 @ Target (In stores only)

4. Book – The Fault in Our Stars by John Green $18 @ Barnes & Noble

(I’ve read his book Looking for Alaska and I’m so eager to read this one with my book club!)

5. Headband – Gleaming Mosaic Headband $32 @ Anthropologie


1. Bin – KNODD bin w lid $15 @ IKEA

2. Bag – SINGLA tote $2 @ IKEA

(How cute is the pattern? And it can hold up to 17 lbs!)

3. Rug – 6′ x 8′ STOCKHOLM Triangel $499 @ IKEA

4. Vase – Dot Wall Vase $29 @ Urban Outfitters

(It’s a simple vase for your stems, it just sticks to the wall. Great for apartments/dorms)

5. Napkins – Petite Dots Set $8 @ Anthropologie

6. Candle – Bamboo Blue Agave Soy Wax $9 @ Target

(I am in love with these candles. They give off perfume-like scents & the containers are great as makeup brush holders once it’s used up. My roommate uses hers for pencils!)


Blue doesn’t have to be limited to small accessories and fashion! These rooms have found cobalt blue to be their interior design inspiration.

ImageBlue chevron stripes liven up an entry way.


The bright blue of this headboard is just as eccentric as the rest of this room!


I’m surprised by how easily this bright blue couch brings the living room together.


A simple paint job makes this dining space crisp and modern.


Finally, my favorite. How scandinavian-chic; a natural wooden dining table painted bright blue!

How are you seeing cobalt blue used? I’d love to see more great finds!

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I’m going headboard CRAZY

I have overlooked the value of a headboard ever since I wanted to redo my own room. I constantly was looking for ways to disguise a bed frame and toss the headboard. But lately I have noticed how effective a headboard can be at bringing a bedroom together as one sophisticated, put-together room.


I love the shape of this headboard and how regal it makes the bedroom look!


This geometrical tufted headboard from Urban Outfitters gives such a masculine effect to the bed. The dark rich wooden slab below would also help add masculinity to a bedroom.

ImageDIY headboards seem to be all the rage lately, and I’ve seen so many that come across as tacky. I think these do a pretty good job of looking unique but also fun and cohesive to the space.


an old fence painted halfway across


the oh so trendy pallet DIY


a huge metal “medallion” look turned into a headboard/art pieceImage

fabric upholstered on wood to add a whimsy, fun detail.

There are also many ways of reinventing the headboard!

ImageThis pink divider screen displays pictures and clothes while functioning as a sunblock to the sleeper!


I like how this headboard is wider than the bed, and encompasses the nightstand.


Inverted Shelving in the wall provides more storage space and visual appeal to an otherwise square, white room.


The detail on this metal headboard adds dimension with its shadows to the white of the walls and floors.


And finally, one of my favorite bedroom inspirations! The whole room is blue, from floor to wall to bedspread to headboard, yet it’s eclectic and gorgeous! I love the studding around the edge of the nontraditional semi-circular headboard.

Use these ideas to spruce up your space, and show me what DIY headboards you have come up with!

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My Art

Hello followers! I’m so excited to tell you that I have opened an Etsy shop! This website is so cool; you can look at different original artwork, clothes, jewelry, and crafts from people all around the world. Then if you love it you can buy the item at usually very reasonable prices. My favorite part is seeing how talented, original, and creative some “no name” artists are out there!

These are a few of my random canvas paintings that I’m selling


I also have my butterfly wall art for sale on my page. I decided to sell them in black too!


These are some of my favorite things I have seen on etsy. Freya does amazing marker and pen drawings. They are whimsical, unique, but awesome, and she is so young!

il_fullxfull.437739630_qcra Claire Elsaesser also does really amazing paintings with characteristically thick strokes. They are so realistic but so beautiful! I want to own one someday


Finally, these prints in The Aestate, an etsy page owned by Jessica Rowe, are so bold and beautiful! I like the lips one for an adult girl’s bathroom wall.


Go to Etsy and look around! I have been fancying some jewelry and iphone cases from so many artists. Check out Freya, Claire, and Jessica’s pages (links above if you click on their names!) as well as mine and purchase something!

Love always,


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Fall is Here, Fall is Here!

As we’re transitioning from fall quickly to winter (it snowed in Indiana two days ago.. and before that it was 70 degrees outside…) I decided to post some pictures of cold weather street style & fashion ideas! I love the red pants and leather pants, especially with a bright color punch in a scarf or jacket!

I got all fall inspired the other day, then went to Target like I do urmmm.. 3x a week!

oops how did he get in there? hehe

Love Always,


As promised..

I said months ago that I would do some renovations of furniture and my room, and I am FINALLY getting around to showing them off. DIY done!

I transformed this free desk


into this with some paint!



I cut butterflies out of paint chips (I first made a paper template then traced it over and over….) & from some inspiration from tumblr, I folded them in half and put them on my wall w sticky tack!

tumblr inspiration

close up of my wall


I’m actually in a butterfly obsession phase..I was even one for Halloween & painted my face.


I also painted a huge bulletin board my mom found at a thrift store. It hangs above my small bookshelf filled with books I have read/want to read. I love finding really old first publications of my favorite books, like this one in its original cover of The Catcher in The Rye.




I covered the board in inspiring prints and images & things I have collected, like IU Basketball Tickets, a ticket from the Ben Folds Five concert I went to in October, & even the Coldplay concert in Chicago over the summer!


Have any of you made/painted anything recently to inspire you? Share with me!



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